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Elements of true gaming team

Talking about gaming is not as simple as it seems. There are many articles that focus all your attention on RAM, the processor and the graphics card. It is obvious that these three are the main actors of this function , but there are many more. And some are ignored so much that they end up leading to serious problems.

We speak of a handful of factors that mark the keys of a real team to play video games without obstacles, without having to take steps back because we have escaped any detail. These are the best gaming laptops for 1000 uk in 2018 and you can buy it from amazon uk.

The solid state drives generate less heat than the HDD of a lifetime, but we still have the graphics card fuming. The cheap gaming equipment skimps in the outer box and this one has to give the carving in many aspects: sufficient free bays, connections, space for a great source of feeding or some well-kept slots for the refrigeration. And for this it requires a great construction and an intelligent use of the materials. These are some other good gaming laptops under 500 in uk in 2020.

Audio: speakers, drivers and connections

This segment is so ignored that it is easy to find, in the gaming market, high-end laptops and desktops with a sad external connector for headphones and a card sharing resources. What they call "quality sound" is, in many genres, more a necessity than an accessory whim. As in the shooters . Luckily, the manufacturers have woken up from that lethargy and have started betting on equipment that was previously part of the external audio cards that we could find in recording studios. ASUS, for example, chooses to dress their ROG G20 with an ESS Saber, one of the most prestigious DACs in the world that reduces signal noise levels to the minimum possible and launches a high resolution 24bit / 192kHz audio directly to our headphones or external speakers.

It is obvious that although the monkey dresses in techie , mona remains, but we must remember two maxims: the gaming equipment, even more so when we focus on PC towers , will barely move from a desk. They will live on or under a table, so it's worth taking care of the details, optimizing the space, and so on.

A proprietary software, which consumes few resources but shows a broad glossary of data, is a friend to turn to when things get ugly. It is also not necessary a large display of data that we are not able to interpret, but it will be great to know the amount of available RAM, disk writing levels, CPU and GPU consumption, and so on. Manufacturers like ASUS itself have proposed such curious alternatives as the ROG BAND , a smart bracelet with NFC communication from which the High Performance mode of the equipment can be activated, as well as giving access to a Shadow Drive, that is, a partition of the disc where Our essential data will remain safeguarded . The wearable is associated with our profile and nobody will be able to access that information without it.

For years, overclocking has been considered a dangerous technique, like that ancestral martial art that nobody teaches for fear of putting it into practice. The reality is that yes, without knowing how to use it, you may end up toasting the PC.

The overclock is an Anglo-Saxon concept that refers to that power, that increase in speed over the CPU clock. Through the BIOS we can alter some parameters so that we increase the internal performance of the processor, as if we had really acquired a more powerful computer.

But in practice it is not so simple: overheating and we will say goodbye! to the motherboard forever. For this reason, some brands have considered automating this process to constantly monitor performance . The equipment we talked about previously has an automatic Overclock mode. The functions are the same as always: to raise the speed of the GPU from 1.37 GHz to 1.44 GHz, to give an example.