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Did you just buy a 4K TV without HDR?

The 4K resolution is the new trending of the image. The reason that there are the consoles PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. But the true graphic improvement of the 4K games is not the resolution, but the HDR. We explain why it is so important in modern video games. Did you just buy a 4K TV without HDR? Run to return it. Really! Okay, maybe it's a bargain or you can not spend a penny more. But in the next few months you will regret it ... The world of video games releases new technologies continuously, and some are easier to sell than others. Everyone can intuit, without seeing it, that PS4 games have better graphics than those of PS3, or that a movie is enjoyed more on a 60-inch screen than a 15-inch one. But there are technologies to which a definition does not do them justice, as happens with virtual reality or HDR . Best affordable gaming laptops under 1000 have some of the best 4k displays.

Many people think that Virtual Reality is just putting a screen in their eyes. We can dedicate two thousand words to explain that it is not like that , but possibly they will continue thinking the same thing. Until they try it for themselves. Then you will realize that it is much more than putting a pair of glasses on your face. Something similar happens with the HDR . Many people already know what it is, but if you have not seen it live ... you stay the same. More beautiful colors? Better dark scenes? I can live without it. Possibly yes ... until you see it live. You can watch 4k movies and gameplay using these gaming laptops for 500.

Why is HDR so important in video games? Image and sound experts say that HDR contributes more to image quality than 4K resolution . Why? Let's try to explain ... The HDR is a new technology that offers colors closer to what the human eye perceives, and illuminates different areas of the screen independently. This enhances the contrast of light on the stage. White whites, blacks are obtained more black, and a better differentiation between different tonalities of these colors.

 Thanks to other associated technologies such as the largest color gamut or 10-bit or 12-bit panels, the colors are also more vivid and real. This is the theory. In practice, with the HDR three important improvements are obtained in the realism of the leading video games. The first improvement is that the colors are closer to how our eyes see them in the real world. Many games are unrealistic not because of the graphics, but because the colors are not real. A watermelon does not have the real color of a watermelon, and a pine forest does not look the same as the pine forest next to your house. With the HDR the colors are closer to reality and, therefore, the games are visually more real: 

The other aspect that improves the image quality of video games is lighting. HDR panels literally have parts of the screen that turn on and off, or light up with different intensity. This brutally improves dark scenes where there are light sources, such as horror games: